The Best B Series & H Series S300 basemap to start Your Tune From

Watch this video below if you want A Quick Overview On how I tune

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What Timing Should I run

If your someone that wants to tune your own car but don't know how to setup a basemap or why, this basemap is for you. Its a good starting place to start tuning and make horsepower

Where should my afr's be?

Over the years we have tested and tried different afr's to make horsepower or fuel economy and what we found worked best are these

87-110 Octane
Idle - 14.7AFR
Cruising - 14.7AFR
Full Throttle All Motor - 12.5AFR:
Full Throttle Turbo, Supercharger, Nitrous - 11.5AFR:

Ethanol Fuel E20-E85
Idle - 14.3AFR
Cruising -14.3AFR
Full Throttle All Motor - 12.5AFR:Full Throttle Turbo, Supercharger, Nitrous - 11.5AFR:

Do I dyno or street tune

The answer is yes to both. Street tuning helps dial in fuel at different loads. Make sure you read your spark plugs when road tuning. Don't try and shortcut it, use the dyno find MBT (Maximum Torque) and then back off by 2 degrees to be safe.

What if i want to tune other peoples cars

/pages/contactIf you have the knowledge go for it! There are a few simple rules to follow when tuning and here at 3;
1) Read spark plugs to check for detonation or preignition and injector issues
2)Verify compression test and leakdown on an engine
3)Start at a richer AFR than what you think you will land

If you are serious and want someone to coach and mentor you in your tuning career with our support system of tuners. Click here

What our customers think

Walter Nguyen

I've tried many different basemaps before but this one started and drove my car better than ever

Fred Sims

My shop does a lot of Honda's and I wanted to add to my services and this basemap helped me load basemaps and troubleshoot any issues by datalogging

Emma Greer

Awesome basemap

Ann Vasquez

Worked on my turbo b series

Tony Holland

I was led to this basemap from Youtube and I am so happy that I found it and tried it. My car idles smooth

Cory Bailey

Works great

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