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Alpha Injection

Alpha Injection 2200cc K20/K24

Alpha Injection 2200cc K20/K24

Alpha Injection 2200cc Features compatibility with Ethanol, Methanol+ Excellent Drivability/ Linearity. Providing 2200cc @3bar. Updated High Impedance core.

  • Denso Connector 
  • Compatible with: Gasoline, Ethanol, C85-M1-M5
  • Not Compatible: Nitromethane

Alpha Injection 2200cc Dead Times Honda & Acura are listed below. Use this as a starting guide to then fine tune "Injector Dead Times" or "Injector Flow Rate"

Injector Flow Rate/Size   2200cc/min            
Injector Voltage/Comp   6V 8V 10V 12V 14V 16V  
                Deadtime(ms) 2.772 1.499 0.810 0.438 0.237 0.128 43.5psi
  3.115 1.684 0.911 0.492 0.266 0.106 50.0psi


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