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Hellcat Charger / Challenger / Durango Remote Tuning

Hellcat Charger / Challenger / Durango Remote Tuning

Are you looking for more power out of your Hellcat 6.2 powered car running a factory ECU/PCM/ Computer? If yes then your in the right place. 

Our tuning not only takes your driving experience to the next level but increases horsepower without any guessing games. We have 13 years of experience tuning cars, trucks, drag cars, drifts cars, road race cars and everything in between. 

Not only do we have a proven process to tell if its real knock............We will teach you what to look for while we are tuning so you wont let pre-detonation happen to any of your friends. 

One of the best upgrades that you can do to your Hellcat is Engine and Transmission Tuning. 

The next best upgrade that you can do is by installing a 2.85 upper pulley to make a few more pounds of boost and really wake up your Hellcat.

First thing is first if your ECU/PCM/ Computer has not been unlocked we will have to send it off to Hptuners for an Official Unlock. 

Step 1 - Connect Battery Charger supplying constant 12V
Step 2- Read vehicle using Hptuners MPVI3
Step 3- Save File as Read and send to help@kugantuning.com with your Order number in the subject line
Step 4 - Mail ECU/PCM/ Computer off to HPtuners for Unlock (THIS IS FREE IF YOU PURCHASE MPVI3 + 6 Credits)
Step 5 - Wait.......
Step 6 - Install ECU/PCM/ Computer into vehicle and load supplied base file
Step 7 - Fall in love with your vehicle all over again 

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