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Kugan Tuning

Hondata S300 / Kpro E-Tune / Remote Tune / Dyno Tune

Hondata S300 / Kpro E-Tune / Remote Tune / Dyno Tune

Ready to tune your B16,B18B,B18C,Lsvtec,B20vtec / D15B,D16Z6,D16Y8 / H22,H23,F20B on Hondata S300?


K20/K24 in your swapped civic on Hondata Kpro?


2002-2004 Acura RSX?

If your ready then keep reading.

Our tuning session with you and your car will leave you feeling happy and content and faster than your buddies. You know the ones that are constantly talking smack.

Our tunes focus on all aspects of the setup from Startup to Idle to Cruising to Wide Open Throttle / Full Throttle.

Have you ever driven a Honda car and it just feels jerky when Vtec engages? We have and see it all of the time and absolutely hate when not enough is spent tuning a setup. Not all setups are the same and trust me they all do different things even with the same mods.

Most tunes can be completed tuning and finalized same day.

Next I want to talk to you about 2-step / launch control / Rolling Anti-Lag

We can set this up for you.

Flex Fuel can be done on Hondata S300 V3 and Kpro and we will tune both 93 and E85

If this sounds good then your in the right place. Our process is through and requires a 100% mechanically sound Honda and were ready to give you the best driving and performing car in your life.


Mandatory for S300
You must 100% have a AEM Wideband X Series (This is what we recommend for a budget friendly wideband that works really well. Make sure you have a qualified technician that can install the wideband if it already is not and make sure the the white wire (0-5v) goes to D14 on the OBD1 ECU side and the brown wire goes to A26 (Sensor Ground) 


K Series must have working upstream O2 sensor preferably new 


B18C GSR Built 62mm Turbo Hondata S300 

Stock Block Stock Head B20Vtec - Log Manifold 60-1 Turbo - 8psi


K24A2 Low Compression - DC3.2 Cams - IPS Intake Manifold 


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