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HP Tuners

Hptuners + 6 Credits Hellcat Engine + Transmission *Free Unlock*

Hptuners + 6 Credits Hellcat Engine + Transmission *Free Unlock*

Hptuners MPVI3 device to tune your Dodge Hellcat Charger, Challenger, Durango, or Trackhawk. 

You will need your ECM/PCM unlocked prior to using this. This is FREE if you purchase this package. 

Includes 6 credits and that will cover both ECM (engine) and TCM (transmission) and with this MPVI3 you can write to your vehicle an unlimited amount of times once the file has been licensed with the credits. 

Plug the device into your car, make sure your using a battery charger or jump box that can provide a constant 12v power source.

Open VCM Editor, click Read.

Select Gather Info

Read ECM and TCM it will show as 2 different boxes with a selection that says Read. 

The read process will take about 10-15minutes. 

Once it is read save your file name as "YourName-VehicleYearMakeModel-Original-Read

And you now have access to the file on your ECM and TCM. 

Once you select Write, it will ask you to license the files and select Yes and you will see your available credits and how they will be spent to write the file. 

Now you can write an unlimited amount of times and change your tune file as much as you would like.

I suggest naming your tune file something different everytime you make a change or revision so that way you can go back to the older version of your tune if you need to.

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