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Pulsar Turbo

Pulsar Turbo 6266 735HP

Pulsar Turbo 6266 735HP

  • Pulsar Turbos lead the way in providing a good priced turbo and support for turbo sounds and horsepower.

  • Ball bearing system provides optimal turbo response & better durability by reducing the shaft-motion
  • Billet Compressor Wheel with Slim Nose and Hub for Reduced Weight and Faster Spool-up and Extended Tapered Tip Technology
  • Inconel 713c 10 Blade Turbine Wheel
  • V-Band Flange kit for the exhaust housing included
  • Max Engine Horsepower: 735

Select from:

T3 / 0.82AR
T4 / 0.96

Turbo Technical Specs

  • Billet Compressor Wheel: 62mm / 82.2mm,  7+7 Blade
  • Turbine Wheel: 66.1 / 74.17mm, 10 Blade
  • Bearing System: Dual Ball Bearing (ball bearing is better than journal bearing)
  • Compressor Cover Inlet/Outlet: 4.0” / 2.5” Hose
  • Turbine Housing: T3 0.82A/R or T4 0.96A/R

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