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Scatpak Hellcat Stand-alone ECU w/ Engine Harness

Scatpak Hellcat Stand-alone ECU w/ Engine Harness

Efi Source MS3 Gold Box w/ Engine Harness for 6.4 , 6.2, 392 Hellcat, for All Motor, Supercharged, Turbo, Nitrous race cars. This is by far the easiest way to get your Gen 3 Hemi up and running in a swap car or dedicated race car. 

It’s a Megasquirt 3 and runs on Tunerstudio. Very easy to use and navigate for you, tuner or data guy.

There are 2 nitrous outputs (Nitrous 1, Nitrous 2)

Dual Wideband to monitor both engine banks.

VVT support for 6.4 vvt, 6.2vvt engines.

2 step control.

Transbrake and stage control.

3 free switches to use

1 analog input (oil pressure, fuel pressure, trans pressure, etc) 




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