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Kugan Tuning

GM Gen 3 Gen 4 Hptuners Remote / Dyno Tuning LS/LT

GM Gen 3 Gen 4 Hptuners Remote / Dyno Tuning LS/LT

Remote & Dyno tuning for GM vehicle using Hptuners. Our 20 step process ensures the best possible running car 

Tuning includes all motor, supercharger or turbo 

Flex Fuel Tuning (Requires Larger Injectors - DO NOT USE DECAPPED INJECTORS)

AFR tuning MAF or Speed Density 

Gen 3 / Gen 4 LS/LT we will tune Speed Density & MAF

Ignition Timing tuning to give you the largest powerband from 1000rpm up to redline

VVT Tuning 

Most vehicles require an external wideband to verify full throttle AFR accurately and correctly. 

Vehicle credits must be purchased separately if you do not currently have a Hptuners MPVI3 or MPVI2 and the vehicle has never been tuned.

Same day tuning available and multiple revision files are sent out daily; no more waiting.

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