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Kugan Tuning

K20/K24 Kpro ECU + Engine Harness

K20/K24 Kpro ECU + Engine Harness

We have put together a package for you looking to get an Kpro Ecu, engine harness and chassis harness. This setup works for 92-95 Honda Civic, 96-98 Honda Civic, 99-00 Honda Civic, 94-01 Acura Integra. Our trusted friends at Rywire make the engine harness and chassis harness for the Hondata Kpro Ecu to work and function in your car like factory.  Turn your key and start it, it’s just that simple. No complicated wiring diagrams or instructions, so easy that your 10 year old can install it. 
Please note to follow all instructions and to ensure that the engine harness ground is attached securely to the engine in a clean spot. 

What you get: 

(1) Rywire K series Budget Tucked Harness 

(1) Rywire Chassis Harness to connect to your car for the cluster/dash to show you water/coolant temperature, rpm, miles per hour just like factory. 

(1) Hondata Kpro Swap Ecu from HAmotorsports  Includes 1 years vip warranty from date of purchase.

(1) Free Cusrom Basemap by Kugan Tuning for your specific modifications (intake, header, exhaust, injectors, 4 bae map sensor) it is highly recommended that you use stock k20/k24 injectors for your basemap for the smoothest process to startup and drive 

We saved the best for last………… Free Shipping on our K20/K24 ecu package 

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